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Weekdays at the Clubhouse are organized around the work-ordered day. During this time, members and staff work together as colleagues to carry out all of the tasks involved in running the Clubhouse. Members volunteer to participate as they feel ready and according to their individual interests. They are encouraged to build on their strengths and to learn new skills while engaged in cooking and cleaning, gardening, fundraising, research, creating informational and promotional materials, assisting each other with housing, outreach, intake and orientation of new members, hiring and new staff orientation, evaluation of Clubhouse effectiveness, administering the employment programs, assistance with education, mental health advocacy, planning social activities, Clubhouse governance, and helping each other obtain services from the wider community.

Work Ordered Day



How does it work?

Members participate by joining one of Connections House's two work units.

The scheduling of the work ordered day is as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9am-4:45pm

Wednesday, Friday 9am-3pm

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 4:45pm-6pm

Wednesday & Friday 3pm-6pm

Saturday as scheduled on Calendar 9am-3pm

Work Ordered Day Schedule
Social Programs

DREEAM is an acronym for Development, Retail, Employment, Education, Administration, and Multimedia. A work day in the DREEAM Unit would look like this: When you visit the Connections House, you will be given a friendly greeting and tour by a member of this unit who is working in the reception area.

Connections House records and statistics are carefully recorded by the DREEAM Unit and a variety of other administration duties are completed on a daily basis.

New member orientations and other membership responsibilities are coordinated by the DREEAM Unit.

A variety of multimedia activities also take place in DREEAM: production of the Connections House newsletter, updates and development of content for the website, creation of promotional and educational videos, the Connections House podcast, and much more marketing and brand development work.

DREEAM is responsible for career and education services and programming for our members, including supporting members who want to work or go back to school, coordinating a monthly career lunch and dinner that address vocational and educational topics of interest to our membership, operating the Dress for Success thrift store where members can buy professional clothing and accessories for a reduced price, and managing our snack shop: Pat’s Place. Members working in Pat’s Place and the thrift store have the opportunity to gain and develop valuable retail skills.

For members working towards paid employment, the DREEAM Unit offers many supports: Members can make appointments to work on interview skills and develop a resume or cover letter, get support applying for jobs in person or online, and receive assistance with entitlements and reporting to social security.

DREEAM coordinates our Transitional Employment, Supported Employment, and Independent Employment programs. For our members who are employed, the DREEAM Unit fosters member success by providing supports and advocacy and addressing member needs, questions, and concerns.

For members wishing to return to school, the DREEAM Unit helps with online applications, touring campuses, and applying for student financial aid and Board of Governors Fee Waivers.

Tutoring is also available for members enrolled in school.



This unit is responsible for all activities related to the meal program. Members working in Hospitality provide delicious and nutritious meals for themselves and the other members as well as food for fundraising and special events. Members are engaged in all aspects of meal preparation, from planning menus to shopping, from cooking to cleaning. The Hospitality Unit is responsible for the daily and weekly cleaning of the Clubhouse, facility maintenance, the flower station, and all outside garden areas. Thanks to the hardworking members in the Hospitality Unit, the Clubhouse stays fresh, clean, and attractive, at all times.