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Where Belonging Begins and Healing Happens

At Connections House, we believe in the power of community to transform lives. Our journey together takes us from isolation to integration, offering a haven of support, growth, and opportunity. Join us in a place where every story matters, and together, we create a tapestry of resilience and hope.

Welcome To Connections House



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At Connections House, we pioneer a transformative approach to mental health recovery, centered around the power of community and connection. Our unique model fosters an environment where every individual is valued, and every contribution matters, laying the foundation for healing, growth, and a renewed sense of purpose. Discover why our community stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment for those on their journey towards mental wellness.

Why Choose

Connections House?


Empowerment Through Community

At the heart of Connections House lies a profound belief: recovery thrives in community. Our approach, rooted in the Clubhouse Model, focuses on strengths, not illnesses. Here, members find more than support; they discover a family bound by shared experiences and mutual respect.

A Path to Purpose

We offer a dynamic environment where every member contributes to the vibrancy of our community. Through meaningful work, social engagements, and educational opportunities, we transform the journey of mental health recovery into one of empowerment, purpose, and joy.

Inclusive and Welcoming

Connections House is more than a place; it's a promise of unconditional acceptance. Regardless of your story, you'll find open arms and open hearts, ready to walk beside you from isolation towards integration and fulfillment.

Connections House actively offers a diverse range of programs and services, aiming to empower members and support their mental wellness journey with a focus on thriving and community engagement.

We actively engage our members in skill-building workshops, educational programs, recreational activities, and vocational support to encourage personal growth, community involvement, and a strong sense of belonging.

We craft each program with the conviction that recovery transcends mere coping, aiming instead for comprehensive thriving in all life areas.

Our Programs & Services


Become a member today!


1. Download and fill out the forms in the New Member Enrollment packet by clicking on the button below.

2. Have your service provider (psychiatrist, case manager, counselor or therapist) complete the Provider Verification form for Member Eligibility in the New Member Enrollment packet. Your provider must fax this form directly to Connections House at (925) 691-5643 or mail it to Connections House at:

3024 Willow Pass Road

Suite 230

Concord, CA 94519

3. If you haven't already visited Connections House, call (925) 691-4276 to set up a time to have a tour. You can bring your application and authorization forms with you then. If you have already visited Connections House, please mail your completed forms to:

3024 Willow Pass Road

Suite 230

Concord, CA 94519

4. Once all of your forms have been received, including the Provider Verification, you will be contacted to attend an orientation meeting (providing you have met the eligibility requirements).

5. After the orientation meeting, you can start attending all Clubhouse activities!

Download New Member Enrollment Packet